Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat

The Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat brings comfort and better energy conservation to home users. Using advanced Z-Wave technology, the thermostat can alternate between heating and cooling based on temperature settings, and also provide reminders when air filters need cleaning or changing and fan circulation. It’s designed for remote use on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

2GIG Z-Wave Thermostat

Compatible with all standard heating and cooling systems, the 2GIG Z-Wave Thermostat has a large touchscreen allowing simple temperature control, fan settings and 7-day programming. The thermostat can be controlled both locally and remotely using a computer, smartphone or tablet, giving users the power to operate heating and cooling from almost anywhere. Smart Thermostat

The Smart Thermostat gives you information about what’s going on inside and outside your home, giving you the perfect balance of energy savings and comfort. It offers remote access and control, custom schedules, location-based automation, instant alerts and responsive savings. It also can respond to inputs from devices throughout the home to provide more accurate temperature adjustments.

Trane Z-Wave Remote Thermostat

The Trane Z-Wave Remote Thermostat is one of the most advanced products on the market, offering convenient new ways to control heating and cooling. Installing this thermostat will allow users to monitor and control thermostat settings from almost anywhere using a computer, smartphone or tablet, effectively managing energy and reducing fuel bills.

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