Door/Window Sensors

Using highly sensitive magnets, door/window sensors send a signal to your control panel if doors or windows are opened by just an inch. Sensors can be placed on all doors, windows and sliders, providing low-power operation to maximize battery life and giving unparalleled protection to the perimeter of your home.

Moisture Sensors

Monitoring the water levels in your home at all times, moisture sensors alert you to leaks that could cause flooding and potentially damage your home’s walls, floors and possessions. Water sensors can be placed in areas where flooding is possible or near appliances that are connected to water lines.

Motion Detector

Advanced motion detectors monitor open areas up to a range of 35 feet, triggering your alarm system by movement and body heat. This infrared detector can be used in your home, yard or garage and can differentiate between pets and humans passing through its field of vision, preventing false alarms.

Glass Break Detector

Glass break detectors are an economical way to protect your home against the threat of broken windows as a point of entry. These highly sensitive devices can be installed on walls and ceilings to cover all windows within a range of 25 feet, detecting the frequency and pitch of breaking glass and triggering your alarm.

Freeze Sensors

Monitoring temperature levels in your home at all times, freeze sensors are designed to give preventative alerts when the temperature drops low enough to potentially cause broken or frozen pipes.

Pet-Immune Motion Sensor

This type of motion sensor allows pets to move around your home without triggering your alarm. The passive infrared sensor differentiates between pets and humans based on body heat. Smaller changes in temperature due to a pet’s lighter body weight will not set off the alarm.

Shock Sensor

Shock sensors detect vibrations made by an intruder attempting to break doors or windows as a point of entry into your home.

Garage Sensor

Installed on the interior side of garage doors and sheds, garage sensors transmit a signal to your monitored security system when the door is opened or closed.

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